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We Supply T Slot Aluminium Profiles and accessories
We Stock extruded Aluminium T-slot profiles and accessories in Brisbane
Safety fencing protects your people and equipment from accidents! Fully customised. Bollards, impact protection and much more.
Conveyors and linear systems
Extruded Aluminium system conveyors
Design and Fabrication
3D design – project management – manufacturing
Customised workstations and workbenches. Ergonomic designs. Height adjustable or Fixed. Lots of options
Improve your OHS with a customised Machine Guard. For new or existing machines. OEM’s welcome.
Frames, Supports and Jigs for virtually any machine! Custom designed to suit your exact requirements.

About GAP Engineering

GAP Engineering supplies T-Slot Aluminium Extruded Profiles and accessories to customers throughout Queensland.

Our products are suitable for use in frame building and machine guarding, as well as workstations including Class 7 & Class 8 clean-room applications.  Other popular applications include modular conveyor systems, powered linear guides, and more.

We call the system “Industrial Meccano” and it can be used as a direct replacement/improvement for welded steel framework.  If you can build it in steel then it can usually be built with aluminium profile in less than half the time.  It is also guaranteed to be straight and perpendicular.  Removing the requirement for welding, then the requirement for surface preparation and painting is also removed.  Therefore the structure is not subject to warping or distortion.  There is also no hot metal work permit requirements on-site!  Yet another advantage from the point of view of workplace health and safety.

GAP Engineering can supply aluminium profiles, aluminium joints, aluminium extrusion connectors and accessories directly (including cutting/drilling/ tapping to your sizes), or we can undertake the complete assembly of frames and systems to your design requirements. We can supply large order quantities or will happily supply to the smaller users by the bar or for small volumes.

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Aluminium and extrusions
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How to join the 45 series profile

https://youtu.be/L5309H3lek8 Connecting the 45 series 10mm slot profile is basically the same procedure connecting the other size profile with a few minor variations.     Because the 45 series profile has a larger core you need to use an M12 button head with a modified shank the part is available in our web store part

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T-Slot Aluminium Profiles
Aluminium and extrusions
Greg Pickers

How to order your cutting and tapping service online

Design your project carefully This is the most important step and will make or break your project before you make your first cut. You don’t need an expensive CAD system, many of our customers have built amazing projects using a hand-drawn sketch. Just take your time and do this properly If you find that your

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