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T-Slot accessories

Accessories for use with T-Slot aluminium extrusions including cast aluminium corner brackets, internal corner brackets, T-Nuts, roll in spring nuts, sliding nuts, low profile cap screws, button head screws, stainless steel screws, linear joiners, door handles, hinges, mounting feet, composite panels, end caps, slot covers. Articulated joints, linear joiners, mounting feet, panels, end caps and slot covers.

Joining T-Slot aluminium profiles

For doing any project with T-slot aluminium extrusions we stock a large range of accessories and parts including linear drive and conveyor parts.

We have a full range for each category of profile varying from 20 series,30 series, 40 series 45 series and 50 series profiles.

T-Slot aluminium accessories


Internal corner brackets for T-Slot Aluminium extrusions