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DIY van fit out using T-Slot Aluminium extrusions

How to convert a  cargo van into your own portable home.

Cargo van fitout

If you are passionate about travelling and exploring then there is a good chance that the current coronavirus situation has made all of your plans for the next year or so completely redundant. We are seeing an increase in the number of customers who have decided to purchase a good used cargo van and convert it into a mobile home. They range from young couples with kids who want to experience Australia on a budget to people who had planned to travel overseas for a few years and now find themselves unable to leave the country. Fortunately, there is so much to see in this country that is inspiring and breathtaking. While the rest of the world is also unable to travel here there has never been a better opportunity to see Australia for yourself without all the overseas tourist crowds and also to support local tourism at the same time.

Turning dreams into reality can sometimes be a bit daunting.

You may not have the necessary equipment or the required skillset to convert a cargo van into a custom made mobile home. You also may not have a limitless budget and you may not want to spend several months working on your Project.

Making mistakes can be very costly and spending a lot on tools when you are about to downsize seems a bit counterproductive.

Once you have built your campervan you want to spend as much time living in it on the road and as little time as possible regretting the way you built it.

We can help you with every stage of your project

We supply T-Slot extruded aluminium profiles and extrusions. The T-Slot system is an easy to use lightweight and versatile method to build just about anything you can think of. Our large range of profiles and accessories have proven to be very useful for projects such as building everything that you need to convert an empty cargo van into a comfortable, functional and reliable living space. From a framework for beds or storage to cupboards or slide-out units to roof-racks and solar panel mounting.

T-Slot Aluminium ProfilesT-Slot aluminium drill and tap

T-Slot aluminium extrusions and accessories.

T-Slot aluminium is an extremely versatile option. Lightweight and strong it is easy to use and offers a host of different solutions

We carry a huge range of profiles and accessories

We love to see our customers succeed in their quest to fulfil their dreams. If you are a DIY savant, a weekend warrior or just a regular dreamer like the rest of us, we can provide you with what you need to get the job done and get out on the road experiencing everything this inspiring planet has to offer.

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