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How to keep up with the pace of change in the modern industrial revolution.

T Slot Aluminium Profiles

You are probably aware that we are in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution.

The fourth industrial revolution is characterised by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the line between cyber and physical systems

The first three industrial revolutions transformed and revolutionised our society and with each stage, the world fundamentally changed around us.  Technological evolution speeds up exponentially as each generation of technology improves on the last.  As change becomes more rapid it is becoming increasingly important to be aware of this when installing infrastructure such as factories.

The current coronavirus situation has contributed to an acceleration in the rate of change. This makes it more important than ever before to make intelligent use of any tools you may have at your disposal to help you stay in front of the changing landscape.

There are some key areas where GAP Engineering can help improve your ability to keep pace.


CAD design 

CAD design with T slot aluminium extrusions

CAD models play a crucial role in the planning and implementation of modern factory installations. The virtual world and the real world are becoming entwined and increasingly indistinguishable   It is becoming common for the interior of entire buildings to be 3D scanned so that a complete CAD model of the entire workplace can be created.  Every detail such as workflow, positioning of safety fencing, height restrictions and positioning of equipment can be thoroughly analysed before any other steps are taken. Changes can be continuously tested and proven in a 3D CAD model before being implemented in the real world.

If you would like to talk to us about a project please follow this link  GAP Engineering  

Rapid prototyping 

T-Slot aluminium profiles and accessories

There’s an old saying, “The more things change the more they stay the same”.

When keeping up with the changing industrial environment there will always be a need to convert new ideas into new physical functions.  That will normally require new machines.  To build new and better there will almost always be a need to build prototypes.  As the rate of change increases, you would expect the pace of prototyping to increase correspondingly.

This is where products such as t-slot extruded aluminium profiles play a vital role in allowing for the construction of workable prototypes that can easily be redesigned and modified.  When using T-slot profile, components can be removed and replaced without cutting, welding surface preparation of metal. The work can also be carried out in a sensitive environment without creating excessive noise dust or fumes.  We stock over 60 varieties of t-slot profiles as well as a large range of joining and other accessories.


Adaptable cost-effective machine frames. 

Because it can be modified without the use of metal cutting, grinding, welding or painting the T-slot aluminium extrusion system can save a lot of money when there is a requirement for modifications and improvements to machine frames.  Because it is usually more cost-effective to use this system for the initial construction it really is the best solution available. It is very easy to add additional components or framework members with minimal impact.






Steel engineering machine

Aluminium Profile conveyor system

Using T Slot Aluminium Profiles and accessories enables the smooth integration of many different components such as conveyors, workstations, lighting, compressed air, electrical components and much more. When it is time for some improvements it is easy to make modifications and add components.




We can supply automated systems such as conveyors, stackers and robotic systems



Safety fence

Safety and working conditions will always be one of the most important aspects of any business. From repetitive strain injuries to major incidences, there are no winners when it comes to workplace injuries. Diligent preparation and an honest assessment of risks involved are the foundations of a safe working environment and a positive outcome for all.

We supplyAxelent X-Guard safety fencing and machine guards and custom make integrated safety systems for machinery and equipment.


T Slot Aluminium Profiles

 T slot Aluminium Extrusions and accessories are used in the following applications.

    • Machinery Frames
    • Industrial work stations
    • Cleanroom work stations
    • Trade Show Displays
    • Conveyors
    • Clean Rooms / High Altitude Rooms
    • Display Units
    • 3D Scanning Frames
  • Linear Guides and Actuators
    • Machine Guards and Enclosures
    • Safety Fencing
    • Racing Simulators
    • Trolleys
    • Racks and Cabinets
    • Air Tables
    • Laboratory Jigs and Frames
    • CNC router beds and frames
  • Industrial Jigs
    • Robot Heads
    • Audio Visual Supports/ Frames
    • Special Purpose Vehicle frames
    • Automotive tie-downs and roof racks
    • Light Boxes
    • Vision System frames
    • Camera stands
    • Automation Sensor Brackets
  • Solar panel stands/ supports

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