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Reduce your manufacturing time dramatically!

Save time making everything from work benches to clean-rooms with Aluminium profiles and fittings.

These are just a few of the solutions we have manufactured using t-slot aluminium profile and accessories.

  • Conveyors and elevators
  • Industrial clean room workbenches
  • Clean rooms
  • Tradeshow displays
  • Display units
  • Machinery and equipment frames
  • Machine guards and enclosures
  • Safety fencing
  • Lifting units
  • Trolleys, racks and cabinets
  • Laboratory jigs and machine frames
  • CNC router beds and frames
  • Architectural features
  • Vehicle fit outs
  • Light Boxes
  • Solar panels stands / supports

Over 80 Profile types and a full range of accessories 

Gap Engineering Pty Ltd are suppliers of extruded aluminium profiles, fittings, and accessories from the Italian Manufacturer Alusic.

The Alusic profile design is like an industrial “meccano” system.  It can often be used as a direct replacement for welded steel.  So, if you can build it in steel it can usually be built with aluminium profile in less than half the time.  Dimensional tolerances of an aluminium profile structure are usually less than half those of a typical welded steel structure.

Also, aluminium profile structures don’t suffer the distortion and warping typical of welded steel structures.  Added to that, aluminium profile usually doesn’t need special surface treatments or painting to protect from corrosion.  Another benefit of aluminium profile is that hot work permits on site are not required.  All this adds up to lower labour costs, lower work place health and safety costs, and the all important better customer satisfaction.

Whether you are you a manufacturer, an end user, a re-seller, or a hobbyist, GAP Engineering are here to help.

No order too big or too small

We can supply in bulk or in small quantities.  If we don’t have it in stock we can get it in for you.  

GAP Engineering can supply extruded profiles and accessories directly; including cutting / drilling / tapping to your sizes.  Also, we can undertake the complete assembly of frames and systems according to your design requirements.  We can even do the design if you don’t have the facilities.

Connections in less than a minute

Typically the Alusic connector represents a significant time saving over competitors’ connection systems.  Testing has shown a 300% to 500% time saving over competitors’ systems.  This time saving when multiplied over a large project or on multiple assemblies can realise substantial cost savings and production benefits.

Diversity of applications

Image of a clean room
Aluminium framework clean room
Add-on to existing process machinery
Linear Drive System
Precision linear guide
Safety fencing and conveyor belt
Bespoke machine guard fit to existing machinery

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