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T-Slot Aluminium Profiles

Extruded aluminium t-slot profile is an ideal material to create a frame to support and house machinery of all types.

Using extruded t-slot aluminium profiles and accessories makes it easy to manufacture all kinds of machine frames. The system is highly versatile and can be customised to suit your machinery. No matter how simple or complex the structure, the inherent versatility of t-slot profiles allow us to customise an exact solution for your machine.

We can engineer a machine frame to suit your requirements using our 3D CAD software.  Alternatively, you can provide us with your design that we can build your project for you according to your plan.

User-friendly construction.

This system is cost-effective and easy to use 

T-slot profile is both lightweight and strong.  Unlike steel, it doesn’t need welding so is not susceptible to distortion during construction or at installation. There is also no requirement for surface treatment such as painting after assembly.  As a result hot work permits and similar workplace health and safety paperwork is not needed should site modifications be necessary.

Because the T-slot system is so highly versatile modifications can be easily carried out as you go making it perfect for prototyping or where highly customised solutions must be put in place.

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