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What are the benefits of a modular aluminium framing system?

T Slot Aluminium

From the simple to the most complex of modular frame designs, extruded aluminium profiles are the ideal material. Modular framing systems provide both structural and architectural elements that can be easily and quickly assembled.

With a large range of extruded aluminium profiles that are easy to assemble and take apart, our entire aluminium framing systems can be dismantled and rearranged into different designs, saving you both time and money. All of our struts and components are compatible with one another, and you can order them in kit form or fully assembled. You will also receive an aluminium structural design manual, making assembly and dismantling fast and efficient.

Three benefits of using our aluminium design framing components

  1. No finishing required: Our aluminium designs do not need to be refinished or painted, as they arrive ‘Anodised’. However, if this anodised  finish does not suit your designs, they can be painted or chemically treated as required.
  2. Architectural designs: The modular aluminium framing systems allows for unique, customised architectural designs, specific to individualised projects. You can use both the kit form components, as well as custom designed sections to create your own unique architectural structures.
  3. Multi-functional structures: If your requirements change over time, you can alter the design of your structures and reassemble them to suit different needs. Anything from workstations, machine frames and guards, clean rooms, workshop platforms, sound stages, support frames, shelving and window frames can be constructed from these modular units.

At GAP Engineering, we stock a large range of modular aluminium design components and we can design and manufacture individual customised components to order. Modular aluminium framing systems are becoming very popular in a diverse range of industries. This is because they are easy to maintain, extremely strong and versatile, and due to their multi-functional nature and ease of reassembly, can be reused, saving money on construction.

We have 100s of design profiles, connectors and accessories in stock, so please call us on 07 3823 107 or enquire online for more information.

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