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Cutting service

$3.00 Ex GST

Cutting accurately and neatly is crucial for getting a great result when using T Slot Extrusions.

Complete the cutting list below and we will prepare your material for you.

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Transport costs are reduced according to the length of the goods.



T Slot Aluminium Cutting List

Enter your cutting list here. Use a new row for each size cut you require. Each bar of Aluminium is 5800mm long. Allow 3mm of waste for each cut.

  • Profile sizeCut 1 Length (mm)Cut 1 QuantityCut 2 Length (mm)Cut 2 QuantityCut 3 Length (mm)Cut 3 QuantityCut 4 Length (mm)Cut 4 Quantity 
  • Price: $ 3.00
    The total number of cuts required.