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Clamping plate

T-Slot aluminium framework

“Revolutionize Your Building Process with T-Slot Aluminium Profiles”

Introducing T-Slot Aluminium extrusions – the innovative system of structural Aluminium profiles that will revolutionize the way you build! Our system features T-shaped slots that provide both strength and versatility, allowing you to create an impressive array of products with ease. Moreover, each T-Slot Aluminium profile is extruded into long sections that can be easily […]

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Aluminium profile Clamping Plate

What are fixing plates?

While the standard connection for t-slot extrusions is the most cost-effective and commonly used joint there are situations where a different solution is required.  A good example of this is the fixing, or clamping, plate joint used to make a perpendicular joint between two pieces of t-slot profile.   The main difference between a fixing plate

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