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Quick fist rubber clamp set 12-30 mm

$29.57 Ex GST

T-Rax quickfist 22


UV stabilised rubber

This price is for a pair of quickfist rubber clamps

The Rubber QuickFist Tool Holder is the ultimate solution for off-road enthusiasts looking to keep their essential tools securely organized and easily accessible during their adventures. Crafted with durability and versatility in mind, this tool holder is the perfect addition to the arsenal of any off-road vehicle.

Designed specifically for the demanding off-road environment, this tool holder is made from high-quality rubber material, known for its exceptional strength and resistance to harsh conditions. It can withstand extreme temperatures, UV exposure, and the inevitable rough and tumble of off-roading, ensuring that your tools stay securely in place no matter the circumstances.


The Rubber QuickFist Tool Holder is ingeniously engineered with a unique gripping mechanism, enabling it to firmly hold a wide range of tools, regardless of their shape or size. Whether it’s shovels, axes, wrenches, or any other off-road essentials, this tool holder will keep them securely fastened, preventing unnecessary rattling or damage to your vehicle.

Installation is a breeze, thanks to the tool holder’s flexible design and versatile mounting options. With multiple mounting holes and adjustable straps, it can be easily attached to roll bars, roof racks, bed rails, or any other suitable locations on your off-road vehicle. This ensures that your tools are within arm’s reach whenever you need them, without taking up valuable interior space.

The Rubber QuickFist Tool Holder not only excels in functionality but also offers a sleek and compact design that complements the rugged aesthetics of off-road vehicles. Its black rubber finish adds a touch of style to your setup, while discreetly blending in with the overall look of your vehicle.

Safety is paramount, especially in challenging off-road environments, and this tool holder is no exception. Its robust construction and secure grip prevent tools from dislodging even in the most demanding situations, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries during off-road expeditions.

Join countless off-road enthusiasts who have trusted the Rubber QuickFist Tool Holder to keep their tools organized and accessible, enabling them to conquer the trails with confidence. Don’t compromise on convenience and reliability when it comes to your off-road accessories. Invest in the Rubber QuickFist Tool Holder today and experience the ultimate in tool storage for your off-road adventures.

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