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Category: Locating pins

We stock a range of locating pins that are commonly used on T-Slot Aluminum extrusion projects. We can supply a complete range of stainless steel locating and indexing pins based on your exact requirements. Also known as aviation pins, pip pins, and ball lock pins these high-quality parts are used to securely locate components in relation to a fixed hole and can be easily removed and replaced with one hand. They also come with a securing lanyard when required so that they won’t get lost while you have your hands full relocating your components.

Manufactured from Stainless steel and anodized aluminium our range of ball lock pins and indexing pins is suitable for locating parts that may need to be removed or relocated without the use of tools. We have used these parts for T-Slot Aluminium extrusion projects such as frames that need to be folded away for transportation, adjustable legs, and components such as printers that constantly need to be switched between predetermined positions. They are also very useful for safety covers that need to be removed frequently.

The lanyard attached to them prevents them from getting lost while they are out of their socket. For advice on how to use indexing pins and related products please contact us for more information. It is necessary to depress the release button on the handle in order to remove the locating pin and it can be easily removed when required without the use of any tools or equipment. These pins will improve the safety and efficiency of your build.

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