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Small tube label applicator conveyor

The brief from this client was very specific “we need a conveyor system to apply labels to small tubes and we need it yesterday” Working together with the mechatronic engineers we were able to design and manufacture a working prototype for them in under 2 weeks. We have subsequently manufactured more of the same conveyors for them and all indications are that this may become one of our favourite machines to build.

Micronutrient batching system

Working together with our client we have been able to transform their highly innovative ideas into reality.

Camping units

This has been a collection of projects rather than one specific project and our input has varied considerably. Most of these clients have done all the hard work in designing and building although some have been fully designed and built by us.  

Electricians trolley

We have custom made several different versions of the electrician’s trolley with varying degrees of complexity and a variety of finishes. These rugged trolleys are superbly versatile and useful.

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