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Go green this summer with a vertical garden

Grow your own fresh herbs, create a privacy screen and hide an unsightly feature all at the same time

Our Aluminium framing system is perfect for building your own custom made vertical garden.

You can build it yourself or we can build it for you.  We also have a number of options available for automated watering.  This will help ensure that your plants stay moist and green all the time.

We can create an individualised frame to suit any space you would like to fill with greenery.  Basil, thyme, rocket, coriander, dill, rosemary, oregano, parsley, chives, tomato, capsicum, and strawberries are all possible.  As are any other fresh herb or plant you can think of.  You can even include some ornamental varieties like marigolds.  These can not only help keep the pests away and create a cooling micro climate but to also bring some extra colour into what might otherwise be a drab area.


For more information about how you can build your own system or if you would like a quote go to   https://gapengineering.com.au/contact/

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