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Using aluminium composite panels in T slot builds.

T Slot Aluminium


Workbench Workstation


When you are building with T Slot extrusions, aluminium composite panels are a cost-effective way to enclose your structure. 

You can improve the rigidity of your structure or provide an airtight enclosure using composite panels in your build 

This is useful for building 

  • 3D printers 
  • Clean rooms
  • Cupboards
  • workstations
  • CNC machines 
  • Trolleys 
  • Exhibit display stands


Enclose the panels within the T slot or fix them to the external face using the T slot to hold the nuts required.


T slot Aluminium extrusion structure with composite panel walls         T-Slot framework   T Slot aluminium framed enclosure

Composite panels can also be used to prevent access to areas where safety is a concern.


Tslot slot cover aluminiumprofile accessories


T-Slot aluminium cabinets

Composite panels provide an excellent base for graphics and signs to be installed.

Including the panels at the design stage saves time when assembling your project.

Clear acrylic, aluminium sheet, plywood and a number of other materials can be used in the same way. 

If you have any questions regarding this please contact us 


Panel mounting strip      T-Slot aluminiumprofile cabinets     


T-Slot aluminium extrusions and accessories

Aluminium extruded T Slot

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