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Why are aluminium profiles and extruded aluminium components suitable for clean rooms?

Modular aluminium extrusions are fast becoming popular in the construction of clean rooms. A clean room is used in many industries from hospitals and medical research centres to electronics, optical and precision manufacturing industries. The purpose of a clean room is to eliminate any contaminants, such as airborne particles, dust and vapours from the room.

It can be used to protect the people within the clean room or to protect the design and construction of products or biological materials that are susceptible to contamination. The materials used in the construction of clean rooms are therefore, dependent on the specific requirements of the industry with extruded aluminium and aluminium profiles becoming more popular for a variety of reasons.

Aluminium modular profiles offer a number of benefits when constructing clean rooms:

  • Fast construction: Extruded aluminium components can be quickly assembled to create a clean room of varying dimensions, using a mix of kit form modular components and custom made aluminium profiles.
  • Reduction in construction residue: Any particles and dust created during the construction process can result in additional time and money, caused by returning the clean room to an acceptable standard. An aluminium design for both the construction and the internal furnishings or workstations in a clean room, dramatically reduces this construction residue.
  • High quality: Aluminium designs are factory manufactured and finished to precise configurations and specifications. This precision manufacturing process produces high quality extruded aluminium, eliminating problems in quality control.
  • Corrosion resistance: In its raw form, aluminium forms a protective coating of oxides that protects it from further corrosion in most environments. This makes is highly suitable as a construction material in wet environments or where chemicals can come into contact with workbenches etc.

As aluminium is also highly fire resistant, aluminium profiles are ideal for wall panel connectors, floor and ceiling tracks, and T-bar type ceilings in clean rooms. At Gap Engineering, we design and manufacture extruded aluminium and aluminium profiles for the construction of clean rooms across Australia. Call us on 07 3823 1079 and enquire now for more information.

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