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40 x 40 T slot Aluminium profile.

The 40 x 40 profile is our most popular extrusion size.

40 x 40 T-Slot Aluminium Extrusion is available in 6m lengths

This product is clearly in demand for a large range of applications.  Due to the ongoing demand for this size extrusion we have increased our stock levels substantially. We have also ensured that we have a plentiful supply of the 40 series accessories that you would need to complete your project.

These are a few of the projects that we  have recently completed using the 40 x 40 profile.

  • Conveyor systems
    T-Slot Aluminium Extrusion - 40 X 40
    40 x 40 t-slot extrusion
  • Machine guards
  • CNC machines
  • Machine frames
  • Custom made work benches
  • Custom made work trolleys
  • Clean rooms
  • Trade show display stands
  • Robotic prototyping
  • Table saw guides
  • Automated fabric cutters
  • CNC router beds

If you are considering incorporating this extrusion in your next project, rest assured that we will make every effort to ensure availability of stock.

We have also made available for you the CAD files for our profiles and accessories so that you can design your own project.  If you require this service please complete and return the confidentiality agreement.

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