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How can Aluminium T-Slot extruded profiles and accessories help you ?

Take a seat because there is a lot to unpack here!

We are fortunate to work in an industry where we are exposed to a lot of highly creative and intelligent people.  As a result, we constantly encounter people who are using our products in new and interesting ways.


T-Slot aluminium extrusion frame No matter how complex or unusual your project is, chances are that t-slot extruded aluminium profile will be able to play a role in helping you achieve a cost-effective and practical solution.  This applies to a large range of projects.  From material handling to automation, packaging to prototyping, and everything in between.  It’s very common to see t-slot aluminium profiles being used in the modern industrial environment as well as in other areas.

The main motivation for using T-Slot is that it greatly reduces the amount of time required to build.  This is because you don’t need to prepare and weld joins.  You also don’t need to prepare and paint a whole structure once you have built it.  Both welding and painting are messy, expensive and time consuming.  If you need to weld or paint in a sensitive environment the noise, fumes, heat, or just plain dirt generated can become a considerable problem.

T Slot Aluminium Extrusions and accessories
GAP Engineering T Slot Aluminium Extrusions and accessories

This list is a summary of the types of applications where we often choose to use T-Slot Extruded Aluminium Profiles over other methods of construction.

  • Camera mounting equipment
  • Audiovisual display equipment
  • Conveyors and elevators
  • Industrial workbenches
  • Clean rooms
  • Trade-show displays
  • High altitude training rooms
  • Display units
  • Machinery and equipment frames
  • Safety fencing
  • Lifting units
  • Trolleys, racks, and cabinets
  • Laboratory jigs and machine frames
  • CNC router beds and frames
  • Architectural features
  • Vehicle fit-outs
  • Lightboxes
  • Cargo rail systems and roof racks
  • Simulators and training rigs 

T-Slot aluminium printing press frame         aluminium T-Slot extruded frame colapsable work table

T-Slot extruded aluminium roller table         aluminium extrusion frame pet dip

T-Slot aluminium extrusion adjustable slide        

Accessories for extruded T slot Aluminium Profile      4040 T slot clamping plates extrusion accessories

T-Slot extruded aluminium robotic enclosure

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