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T-Slot extruded aluminium profile joints – Cube joint

Cube Joint

In this post we focus on the cube joint or the 3-way body connection. 

In the example below we use a joint for round profile (084.310.001). This is just one of the range of different styles of cube joint that can be found in the Alusic catalogue. Pages 2.80 to 2.86 show different joint styles along with some of the many polyamide caps available to provide a neat smooth finish to joints.

Joint for round profile

cube joint
Joint for round profile ready for assembly

 Here we are joining three pieces of 32×32 round profile, Each piece is prepared by cutting the end square and tapping the profile core hole M8

Assembling the joint

To start assembling the joint, the studs are screwed into those tapped holes in the ends of the pieces to be joined.

cube joint
Screw the studs into the tapped holes

Now slide the cube joint block onto the stud in the first piece of profile to be joined.  Then do up the associated grub screw so that the block is held in place on the stud. The grub screw will engage with the groove around the stud to securely hold the profile piece to the block.

cube joint
Attach the first piece of profile to be joined

Continue the assembly by sliding the the block onto the stud in the second piece of profile in the same manner as for the first.

cube joint
Attaching the second piece

Attaching the last piece is the same as the first and second except that the hex key to do up the grub screw needs to be long enough to fit in the profile slot to get to the grub screw.

cube joint
Attaching the last piece

Finally, make sure the ends of the profile pieces are nicely aligned with the cube joint block and tighten the grub screws to complete the joint.

In conclusion

So there you have it, a 3-way body connection (cube joint) using a joint for round profile.

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