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T-Slot extruded aluminium profile joints – sliding clamp

Profile Joints – Part 6

Sliding clamp

For applications that require occasional repositioning, we can supply custom made solutions in the form of a relocatable or sliding clamp.

Without the use of any tools, you can change the position of your component.


sliding clamp
Sliding clamp

The concept works with any t-slot extruded aluminium profile. In this example, we are using an M8x45* lobed knob (1077.36), an M8x25 rectangular nut with a length of 3-slot 40×40 extruded profile, and a piece of 50x50x5 square hollow section.


sliding clamp
Lobed knob and rectangular nut
sliding clamp
Sliding clamp assembly

Slider options

The slider component need not be a hollow section like we’ve used in this example. The hollow section is ideal if your application calls for something like a telescoping arm or leg.  The slider could just as easily be a piece of angle as shown below.

sliding clamp
Optional use of angle as slider



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