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Take your next project to a new level with T-Slot extruded Aluminium profiles and accessories

If the thought of welding, grinding, painting and doing any other noisy or dirty operation is enough to make you never want to tackle projects then it’s time for you to take a close look at T-Slot aluminium extrusions.

Armed with only basic tools you can build just about anything.

Not only can you build it but it can be both lighter and stronger than if you had used steel. Build it  strong straight and accurate with T-Slot aluminium profiles and accessories

And once you have completed your project you won’t need to do any painting because our aluminium profiles are already anodised to give them a durable finish.

If you factor in the time and materials required to weld up a project and do all the necessary surface preparation it is normally more cost-effective to just build it out of T-Slot aluminium. No Mess, no fuss, no fumes and no noise.

These are some of the things that can be constructed using T-Slot Aluminium extrusions and accessories without doing any welding, grinding or surface preparation.


Conveyor systems

T-Slot aluminium knife edge conveyor T-Slot aluminium profile conveyor

Linear drives

T-Slot aluminium linear drive

Hight adjustable bracketAluminium T Slot extrusion Profile Framework

T-Slot automated lifter       T-Slot conveyor systems


T-Slot aluminium framework T-Slot Aluminium framework


T Slot Aluminium Trolley  Black anodised T-Slot Aluminium T-Slot aluminium work trolley

Camper van fit-outs

T-slot aluminium camper frame T-Slot aluminium camper trailer

Simulators, Clean rooms Work holding tools and jigs, roof racks and cargo racks, rapid prototyping and hydroponic systems.



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T Slot Aluminium Profiles

We can design and manufacture your entire project for you or you can do it yourself, we cut and supply profiles according to your cut list and we have a huge range in stock.



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