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How to make your own 3D printed drill guide for T-Slot aluminium extrusions.

Download these free files and print your own T-Slot Aluminium drill guide.


3D printed drill guide


To drill holes through T-Slot profiles accurately you would usually use a drill press to make sure that you produce accurately positioned holes. we realize that not everyone has access to a drill press and so in order to help you, we have created these 3D-printed drill guides which you can download and print.

With the addition of 2 bearings and some T-nuts and bolts, you will be ready to start drilling holes in your T-Slot profiles whenever you need to.


What is a drill guide?

A drill guide is a small device that can be clamped in position on the profile to guide the drill in a straight line when drilling by hand. The guide will help you to place drill holes accurately and neatly. The 3D printed guide is intended for occasional and light-duty work, it will help you to get your smaller project done and is very useful for when you need to drill a hole on site. For drilling lots of holes, we recommend using a drill press.


3D printed drill guide3D printed drill guide for T-Slot aluminium extruded profilesT-Slot aluminium drill guide


Why do you need a drill guide?

When you need to drill a hole through the center of a T-Slot Aluminium profile to do a standard connection it is important to drill accurately. this means that the drill needs to be exactly perpendicular to the profile. The best way to do this is to clamp your material in a drill press. If you don’t have a drill press available the next best method is to use a drill guide. The drill guide is also indispensable when you need to add a drill hole to an existing frame, for example, if you need to make a modification to a frame that is already installed in a factory.

Drilling T-Slot extrusion 45 series

T-Slot aluminium drill guide GAP Engineering



How do you get your hands on a drill guide?

We have created a 3D printable version of this that uses 2 bearings to guide the drill. You can purchase a fully assembled guide from us or you can print your own. You can also purchase the bearings, bolts and nuts that you need to complete your printed guide from us.


Download the files here


T-Slot aluminium extrusions and accessories


T Slot Aluminium Profiles

What do you need to do to complete your drill guide?

In order to complete your drill guide, you will need 2 bearings to press into the housing as well as 2 button head screws with T nuts to secure your guide in position while drilling.

Please let us know if you are able to improve on this design or if you have any questions

A complete kit with 2 bearings and the required bolts can be purchased through our website

Bearing kit for 3D Printed Drill Guide 30/40 series



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