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Why do we use an extrusion tap to form threads?

In the right application, using a thread forming extrusion tap can improve quality and productivity.

The most commonly accepted method of creating a threaded hole is to use a cutting tap

However, you can often produce better threads using a forming or extrusion tap.

The main advantages of using forming taps rather than cutting taps can be summarised as follows

  • No material is removed during thread forming instead the material is displaced to form the thread.
  • The thread formed has a smoother burnished finish.
  • The threads produced are stronger.
  • Thread forming taps are better suited for use in holes that are interrupted by longitudinal slots such as the ones commonly found in some Aluminium T Slot Extrusions.
  • Actual thread sizes are usually closer to gauge limits
  • The life expectancy of the tool is usually 20 times longer for an extrusion tap.
  • Higher spindle speeds used with extrusion taps translate into higher productivity when cutting threads.
T Slot tap

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