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How to build a frame for your machine .

Using T Slot Extruded Aluminium Profile is a convenient and cost-effective way to build a framework.   


When it comes to building a high-quality frame for a machine, one of the biggest hidden costs is often the amount of work involved in welding and surface preparation. You may be familiar with time-consuming and hazardous tasks such as cutting and grinding steel or toxic and mess jobs such as preparing and painting the surface of the metal. Usually, if you subcontract these tasks out you end up with a delay in your production and a hefty bill to pay. We can help you build a frame for your machine without doing any welding or painting.

If you use T-Slot extruded aluminium profiles you can say goodbye to these tasks. The aluminium is easy to cut and connect without any hot work and it is already anodised which is a far superior finish to any paint job.

Not only is this quicker and more cost-effective but we can do all of the preparation for you before you receive your material.

This means that building your frame with T-Slot extrusions is a clean and easy task that will save you money.

Because welding is a hot process it causes distortion when the weld cools and this is often the cause of the frame being out of tolerance and requiring rework. As an added bonus you will be able to dismantle your frame and rebuild it differently if you find you need to make any changes as you build your project.   



Aluminium T Slot extrusion joint





T-Slot aluminium framework




It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned builder of complicated machinery or a complete novice, building a frame with T-Slot Aluminium extrusions is easy.



When you work with T Slot extrusions and accessories you don’t need to weld or paint anything, just bolt it together. This can dramatically reduce your costs and can be carried out in a sensitive environment such as a cleanroom.


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