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Workbenches and workstations for every application.

Custom made workbench

 We design and manufacture custom made workbenches and workstations.

Our range of aluminium extrusions and accessories enables us to deliver versatile purpose-built equipment that helps you improve your productivity and safety.

High-quality components and accessories provide comprehensive and versatile solutions.

Easily integrate automation systems such as stackers, conveyors, packing equipment, weighing equipment and labelling equipment.

GAP Engineering T Slot Aluminium extrusions and accessories.

Workbench Workstation

Create a workbench or workstation to suit any requirement you can think of.

T Slot Aluminium extrusion workbench

Our workbenches can be modified and adapted at any stage. 

Components can be added at any stage due to the versatile nature of the T slot Aluminium Extrusion system.

This can be done with minimum impact (no grinding, hot work or surface treatment required)

workbench and workstation accessories
Cooling fan mounting frame

Aluminium extruded T Slot

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